Ethical issue in Marketing related to Advertising

Ethical issue in Marketing related to Advertising Essay example
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Ethical Issues of Advertising Every business entity must market its products in order to convert its investments into revenue; however, in the course of doing so, the firm must adhere to certain moral guidelines. Advertising is a not a new phenomenon, but recent developments have posed a dilemma to marketers in their quest to do ethical advertising.


Moreover, advertising must be done in such a way that it balances between profitability, social and environmental responsibility; a firm should make profits, but should not harm the community in which it operates and should not degrade the environment. Though there are many underlying factors, any firm that manages the balance between self, society and environment can be said to adhere to ethics of business practice (Hunt and Vitell, 2006: 145). There are numerous advertising media including the traditional television, radio, newspapers, mail and billboards, and the postmodern computer based internet advertisement channels including email, blogs, websites, programs and search engines among others. The increased number of advertising channels and methods of collecting data for advertising have pushed advertising ethics even further, and an advertiser has to be keen not to cross the line between ethical and unethical. In addition, personalised advertising that exploits various approaches to data mining is so effective that the persuasive and exploitative aspects of advertising have become a matter of serious concern to various stakeholders. This has been linked to the ethical aspects of consumer privacy that has resulted in the enactment of policies that provide guidelines on online data collection and use. ...
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