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PHIL COMPANY MARKETING PLAN Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Phil Company aims at establishing a substantial market share in both local and international markets. Other strong electronics manufacturing companies operate in the principal market segments.


Apart from the limited market of electronic products, these markets subscribe to forces of free enterprise. There is liberalization of production processes. Therefore, companies within this industry produce whatever electronic product they want and of whatever quantity. In this regard, consumers are at liberty to decide what and when to purchase these products. This means that electronics manufacturing companies like Phil have to be considerate of consumers’ interests during the production process. A company should avail products that respond to what the consumer market needs (Julie & Claire, 2011). In order to address customers’ needs, a company may have to carry out research exercises that will supplement information about customers’ tastes and preferences. Phil aims at expanding its marketing practices at the US and international markets. In order to penetrate these markets, Phil adopts the principles of product differentiation and quality service delivery. In this regard, the values of product differentiation and quality feature in the primary characteristics of the electronics produced. Type of Product At the inception stages, Phil started by manufacturing television sets and radios. However, expansion exercises led to development of cell phones and production likes for hardware components. Currently, Phil produces all the four products in equal proportions. ...
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