Zara and Ready Meals Case Study Individual Report

Zara and Ready Meals Case Study  Individual Report Essay example
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Ready meals is a company which supplies fresh foods to Strutt which is a grocery retail chain operating six distribution centers and several retail stores. The system of ordering and delivering the inventory at first is cumbersome and results into losses for all companies and lack of end customer satisfaction.


The problem arose mainly because of centralized stock ordering system, which was being practiced by Strutt. There is a change in the stock ordering and delivery system, which sees the losses tremendously reduced, and a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. Before and after Status of Ready Meals Case The initial system is flawed with extensive variations of the orders demanded. Strutt provided a provision all week long order and a final order the day before the intended deliveries. These two orders varied a lot at times even by over 50% and this resulted in an inconvenience to Ready Meals. There were also penalties associated with lateness of delivering the orders by Ready Meals. The Strutt demand of the food was also very uncertain. Ready Meals could not plan itself on what it would deliver more than a day before. ...
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