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Land Securities property group Table of Contents Background 3 Company Profile 4 Environmental Analysis 5 PEST ANALYSIS 5 SWOT ANALYSIS 7 Porter’s Five Force Model 8 Value Chain Analysis 10 Competitive Advantage 13 Future of the Industry 14 Reference 16 Background The UK commercial property market is valued more than ?


Investors often went for choosing commercial properties in place of bonds as investments because it offered very good return. Soon after 2007, this lucrative area of investment really became a nightmare zone for investors. The real estate industry faced setbacks due to globalisation, change in the economic scenario, recession, and sub-prime mortgage crisis. The property prices fell up to 50 percent. The commercial property industry revived by 2009 but the revival was not constant. There no stability in this industry anymore. The profits and losses in the real estate industry have become unpredictable. Moreover, the risk involved in investing in commercial property also pulled back the investors from such investments (Pickup & Derbyshire, 2010, p. 259-263). The economic downturn affected all the countries round the world. The intensity may be different but the dropping sales figures and decreasing revenue has been the scenario for most of the countries. The shops remained empty and this further affected the property owners dealing in commercial property business. Many banks and companies declared themselves insolvent and filed for bankruptcy. In the backdrop of such economic scenario, we will analyse the position of the Commercial real-estate industry. ...
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