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Distribution and Retail [Student Name] [Course title] [Supervisor Name] [Date] Distribution and Retail Introduction and the importance of product positioning Marketing and retailing strategies are essential to be devised in order for a business to run smoothly and sell its products.


The positioning of a product is very beneficial for the company in order to get the ‘feel’ of consumers and the general public. Public perception is vital for a product as it determines whether or not the product would be sold successfully in that market. It is a fact that the general public always remembers the leading company, which has introduced a product. Effective product positioning also affects the determination of alternative products and different purchasing levels. The basic meaning of product positioning in any market local or foreign is to get a comparison of your brand versus your competitor’s brand. So with this in mind it is safe to assume that proper product positioning may alter the choice of the consumers, meaning, it may develop an alternative between same products. It takes a great deal of research and assessment when a company decides to place its product in another market in another country, there is a series of different analysis which are needed so that determining how a product will be conceived in another market becomes easy (Varle 2006). It should be remembered that product positioning directly influences the consumer’s evaluation of similar products and their will to purchase products. ...
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