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Marketplace-Live Simulation Executive Summary (Falcon Computers)

One of the innovations of the company is the unique accelerator card that the company installs in its computers hardware. The card utilizes low-latency RAM and some handpicked accelerator chips. The main objectives of financial wing are the attaining of maximum sales volume and continuous increase in the cash flow. Indeed, the revenue from the Falcon Computers business must surpass the costs incurred in delivery of the services. This will ensure that the business runs at a profit rather than on losses. Windham, Trevas, and Reiff (2010) assert that the financial component is the major determinant of other components in the balanced scorecard. The financing methods applied in the business include debt financing and equity financing. Feasible business proposals can guarantee loan funds from lending institutions. Debt financing is the best source of financing of a business given that the debt interest is tax deductible. In this regard, the debt reduces taxable income hence the entrepreneur earns tax savings. Furthermore, the debt financing is cheap compared to equity financing. On the other hand, Equity financing is also a good source because there is no debt interest charged in order to be guaranteed of the funds. However, the financiers of this financing must be privy to the insider information of the business.
The company was established in the 1992 by KLelt reeves, who carried out a research study on the flight simulations for some students at a Florida Aeronautical university (Windham, Trevas, and Reiff, 2010). The company never outsources its operations because of its sophisticated technology. The company’s operations and networking is based on online and telephone sales. The company has been progressive over the years. Its maiden series was Mach V, which offered the best computers. The computers of this series had high performance in games like the PC games. Falcon is the major provider of electronic ...
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The executive team of the company includes the managing director, the heads of various departments of the company, the assistant manager and the line managers. The Falcon computers have a reputation of delivering of high quality computer machines. The company manufactures high…
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