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Essay example - Company Analysis: Cloon Keen Atelier

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Company analysis From marketing perspective, Cloon Keen Atelier is just one of the rests of companies trying to become a cut above the other, as much as possible would want to obtain competitive advantage. One reason would be to ensure a high market share and this would mean productivity, efficiency and continuance of the operation…

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Thus, it is not only enough to specifically focus on products, price, place and promotion, but the actual environment itself especially if there is a need to critically consider understanding an organization from the point of view of marketing. This is the whole point of considering other related analyses which also include understanding customers’ behaviors, their actual buying process and even on creating a need for certain service and product offerings. In fact, all of these have become essential considerations of Cloon Keen Atelier as primarily stated in the case. In the case, Cloon Keen essentially considers products, place, customers, competition, promotion, branding matters, and other relevant concerns. PEST analysis PEST analysis is a useful tool when there is a need to scan the general environment of an organisation or company (Henry, 2008, p.51). The reason why there is a need to scan the general environment prior to understanding elemental information that could benefit an organisation is evident in the case of Cloon Keen Atelier. For instance, in this line of business, it is important to consider barriers to entries that at some point could be highly political in nature. ...
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