Sears Goes Swingy for Tweens and Teens

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Sears Goes Swingy For Tweens and Teens Name Instructor Date Task Abstract Sears is the departmental store chain based in the U.S. It was established in the late 19 century by Richard Warren Sears. The firm passed through various challenges, which strengthened it in the process.


A balanced market price was formed as a result of the implementation of the various strategies into use. Sears has invented diverse strategies to control shopping tendencies. It included rewards and grants into its system. It created a self image through various strategies, like the use of social net, leading to dynamic relationships within the society through partnership with other companies. Sears is an example of the firm that incorporates successful marketing activities into its operation. The company is working towards becoming an investment boulevard because of the high level of retail target it makes compared to other retail stores. Introduction Consumer behavior is an issue of concern amongst consumers and relevant authorities. Sears is the company that is constantly changing its advertising techniques to gratify the requirements of clients. The company targeted markets are teens, and the promotion systems the company uses are online and social network scenes. These techniques create awareness of the needed products that the firm offers to its targeted clients. This unit examines the images, commodities, and the marketing strategies used by Sears in the achievement of its objectives. 1 The image of the company immensely determines how a business is perceived amongst various concerned stakeholders. ...
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