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Safety provision Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Safety provision Governments play major roles in the promotion of enterprises. The government is usually categorized as an external factor that influences business activities. Ranging from legality, taxation and safety the governments has the power to create good business environment and as well destroy a business environment.


In an argument by Tuck (2005) safety business environments contain the best business ventures and successful businesses. With a safe operational environment, entrepreneurs have the confidence to venture in businesses and investors have the courage since they are assured of safety. Safety in the neighborhood or a business environment falls under the category of quasi-public goods. Safety is a natural occurring good which are essential in the environment. It has unlimited demand since it is intangible and the supply depends on a body and can be influenced. However, its demand rate can rise if the neighborhood is a constant den of any form of safety breaching factor. With increasing demand, it can be easily raised to suit all consumers. Apart from government action, market provisions also promote safety measures. However, neighborhoods with safety promotion tools from market provision are usually exposed to any form of loss (Besley, 2006). This paper will look at safety as both a collective good and also a quasi-public good. Additionally, it will differentiate safety from governments and safety from market provision. ...
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