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Name: Professor: Course: Date: A Middle East Entrepreneur Introduction Starting a business is a task that anyone who ever started his or her own business will tell you is a difficult adventure. It entails having an idea that you are ready and willing to venture into even if you know there are risks involved.


She took up the challenge risking all her investment let alone to mention that she was 22 years old at the time. She successfully established one of the fast growing online bookstore business in her region that is now operating internationally in a span of few years. Profile Jinanne Tabra is an Arabic Iraq woman that had an upbringing in Scotland. She was a former pupil of Carlogie Primary School, Carnoustie. When she was five years old, her family went back to Iraq to her father’s home town of Baghdad. They wanted to raise her in the Arabic culture and develop her Arabic language (Araboh’s story 2012, 1). However, for the family safety as the gulf war was eminent they relocated back to Scotland. Like most other Arabic children growing abroad she did not find Arabic enjoyable to learn but it was a struggle and difficult for her. While growing up, she did not have any access to fun Arabic books or cartoons although she wished that she had them. She did not even have any access to Arabic games to play with like other children growing in her native country. The best access she had to Arabic teachings was a community run Arabic school. She attended the community school during weekends something, which she did not find appealing. ...
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