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Coursework example - Marketing Presentation Report.

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High school
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Marketing Presentation Report Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Identifying the Products’ Core, Actual and Augmented Elements 3 Tele Cinch 1.0 3 Blackberry Bold 9900 3 Comparing the Distribution and Marketing Communication Strategy 4 Tele Cinch 1.0: Distribution Strategy 4 Blackberry Bold 9900: Distribution Strategy 4 Tele Cinch 1.0: Marketing Communication Strategy 5 Blackberry Bold 9900: Marketing Communication Strategy 5 Explanation 5 Conclusion 6 Reflective Statement 7 References 8 10 Introduction Innovation and creativeness are the new challenges for sustainability in the existing competitive market…

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Tele Cinch’s and Blackberry’s core and actual elements and finally compare their distribution and marketing communication strategies from a critical point of view. Furthermore, the report will evaluate whether their strategies are similar or dissimilar to that of each others. Identifying the Products’ Core, Actual and Augmented Elements Tele Cinch 1.0 The innovative designing of the phone has deliberately contributed towards the modernised definition of smart phone devices by providing unique features such as large buttons and long lasting battery power. Furthermore, core elements, such as heating function and speech dialling are especially integrated in the handset to provide convenient facilities to the aged groups that the brand targets the most. Moreover, the brand assures its customers that it is user friendly and easy to use among all other available smart phones. Furthermore, in relation to its distribution operations, it assures to deliver the product within 48 hours at any place desired by the customer. ...
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