Article Critique: The Low Stability of Brand-Attribute Assosications is Partly due to Market Research Methodology - Essay Example

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Article Critique: The Low Stability of Brand-Attribute Assosications is Partly due to Market Research Methodology

According to Carvalho et al. (2011), “brand associations and product attributes are critical when a new foreign brand is introduced into the market” (Carvalho et al. 2011: 135). Each brand or product may have specific or unique attributes which may catch the attention of the consumers. For example, specific attributes of Coca Cola brand are: “Great Tasting, Very Refreshing, Thirst Quenching, High Quality, Worth What it Costs, Goes Well With Meals and Snacks etc” (‘Brand Attribute Differentiation’ n.d.: 6). These unique features encourage the consumers to taste coke drinks frequently. In short, brand attributes play a significant role in determining the consumer associations with various brands. Summary of Article Dolnicar S. and Rossiter J. R. published an article ‘The low stability of brand-attribute associations is partly due to market research methodology’ in International Journal of Research in Marketing in 2008, which explains an experiment conducted by them to study the reasons for the low stability of consumers’ brand-attribute associations. ...
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Article critique: The low stability of brand-attribute associations is partly due to market research methodology Introduction “Brand attributes are a bundle of features that highlight the physical and personality aspects of the brand” (‘Brand Attributes’ 2012)…
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