Marketing Principles and Practice

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Marketing Principles and Practice Table of Contents Introduction 3 Buying Behaviour 4 Buying Behaviour and Influences 5 Peer Influence 5 Social Influences 6 Reference Groups 6 Social Media 7 Personality and Self Concept 8 Social Classes 8 Technological Influence 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Consumers seek a range of products and services in their daily buying behaviour that has been recognised in this present trend.


According to the modern days context, the consumers are highly been encouraged by using different marketing strategies that are implemented by the modern organisations. Therefore, consumers’ buying decision is one of the complex facets for the modern organisations in terms of successfully attaining profitability and customer retention. With due regard to this context, the marketers always seek to identify the various changes of the stimuli that influence the buyers on their purchasing decisions. It is important for the marketers to recognise the characteristics of buying process of the buyers along with their responses according to various stimuli (Voinea & Filip, 2011). The paper intends to discuss the various factors that influence the purchasing decisions of the postgraduate students for fashion products. The impact of the particular buying behaviour influences for gaining competitive advantage towards the marketers has also been highlighted in the discussion. Buying Behaviour According to the study of consumers’ buying behaviour, the fundamental influences are generally focused on certain basic aspects including Cultural, Social, Personal and Psychological factors of a buyer on their purchase decision. ...
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