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Leadership Introduction/Background RAK Trading RAK Trading has been running for 100+ years and has been very successful through that time often developing and changing its products and interests to suit changing times. 100+ years of existence in a challenging business environment is not all a simple achievement.


RAK can definitely be proud of the level of employee satisfaction it maintains for such a longer period. Proper training and guidance are given to the RAK employees for their empowerment and also to make them capable of meeting the challenges of modern business world. In extreme cases, RAK management is not hesitating to even dismiss the employees who fail to deliver the goods even after training and guidance. On the other hand, better performing employees in RAK always get proper rewards and promotions. In short, RAK has strong management philosophies leadership qualities to cater the needs of changing business world. RAK Trading is a company with a strong charismatic leader whose leadership philosophy is based on strong historical values and a transactional approach. At the top level CEO and directors of the company are taking decisions whereas at the bottom level, supervisor and lower level managers are responsible for taking decisions. Thus, RAK is maintaining a democratic style of management for the last few decades and therefore EMMAcorp can definitely think of RAK while taking decisions about selling its ownership to others. DAC Ltd DAC Ltd has a strongly transformational / values based leadership philosophy. It believes in situational leadership like modern business philosophies. ...
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