Marketing Plan of PepsiCo

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Name Professor Course Date Marketing Plan Introduction PepsiCo is a global leading snacks marketer, and it is focusing on increasing market share in the market via careful targeting and creative marketing. The company sales arise from the North and South America, where it has customarily been a strong competitor in the market.


According to William and Robert (2011, P. 89), the company must deal with a number of local brands and guarantee the loyalty of customer’s demands. Thus, PepsiCo’s marketer must persistently research on customer’s preferences and study the impact of environmental forces to develop the precise marketing mix for the right market. The new product in the market The company has released that most of the populace suffer from health predicaments; thus, it has developed a new product that will meet the healthier eating habit of customers. The walkers’ snacks are the new product in the market, characterized by their low sodium content. The product was discovered to meet the United Kingdom’s campaign to warn customers on the risks involved in the intake of high contents of salt. The company took the incentive of introducing this product that would capture the rising demand of customers to change their diets to something healthier in the market. The marketing strategies In order to market the walker’s snacks in the market, PepsiCo Company has commenced reducing the level of salt in several other snacks worldwide. By so doing, the customers will opt for the company’s product, and consequently they purchase the new product among others. Meanwhile, it is discoursing usage of fats and sugar by making labeling more prominent so that customers can make educated choices. ...
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