An Innovative premium brand in WestQue

An Innovative premium brand in WestQue  Essay example
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An innovative premium brand in WestQue Table of Content Introduction 3 Overview of market profile for West Quay Shopping Centre 3 Market Profile for proposed brand 5 SWOT Analysis of your proposal 7 Marketing campaign suggestions for new store opening in West Quay 9 Conclusion 9 Reference 10 Introduction This paper represents market survey and analysis of a popular shopping centre based in Southampton, United Kingdom.


This includes an overview of diverse categories of retail businesses in WestQue, purchasing behaviour of the people of Southampton who are frequent visitors of shopping centre, demand of retail products etc. Analysis of these areas will help to assess the need of a new business in this retail park and also viability of the new business will be discussed on the basis of market analysis of WestQue. Swot analysis of the new business will also be developed to analyse the internal factors of this business like strengths and weaknesses of the business with respect two main external factors like opportunities and threats. The new business also needs effective market campaign to make awareness of their products and services and even the presence of this business in the shopping centre. So, effective market campaign will also be recommended based on the market analysis. Overview of market profile for West Quay Shopping Centre Since the inauguration day, shoppers entered through the doors on 28th September, 2008, accessibility and availability of all common needs of visitors has been the main focus at WestQuay in Southampton. In only one decade, it has established itself as one of the largest and leading destination of best shopping experience of the consumers. ...
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