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MARKETING RESEARCH PROPOSAL By Name Course Tutor’s Name Institution Date Management Decision Problem In general terms, the management problem entails the overarching objective that the management seeks to achieve in the process of marketing. In the particular case of the Hummer, this management decision problem revolves around the need to increase the appeal of the Hummer on the targeted market segments.


14). With regard to the Hummer, the marketing decision problem is the changing of the market perceptions of the Hummer in order to enhance its performance through increased sales. Notably, the Hummer has been associated with some aspects of personality that do not augur well with its market objectives (Case 1.1, 2012). The core problem should be the devising of the most appropriate marketing strategies that would reverse these perceptions. Market Research Objectives The market research objectives usually relate to the precise reasons that behind the conducting of a particular market research. Basically, these objectives are the fundamental reasons that underpin all marketing research processes of any organization. The market research objectives of the Hummer brand are anchored on the need of finding the most effective strategy that could improve the performance of the Hummer on the market. Specifically, these objectives include the establishing of varieties of the brand to suit the diverse needs of the market, the seeking of opportunities to increase the volume of sales of the brand, and increasing the market reach and segmentations of the product. Appropriate Research Design This study will adopt an explorative research design. ...
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