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Marketing in Microsoft Company - Research Paper Example

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Informing people of a company’s product worth, commonly known as marketing is inevitable in business. In the process, many would-be big companies have failed due to application of wrong marketing principles…

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Marketing in Microsoft Company

Marketing in Microsoft Company
The company started as from 1975 and located in United States of America. The fact that technology has grown to a very high level, the company plays a great role of developing new versions of soft wares now and then (Scott, Lee, and Weiss, 2008). As a matter of fact, computers are used all over the world. They are used in companies, institutions and in many other fields. In industries such as business related, the company makes most of the products. Microsoft has provided a very good zone for those who wish to market their viral products. The company has been able to make it more profitable due to the marketing strategies it utilizes. Principle of marketing that Microsoft company uses Product As the main principle, a company’s product must provide the required value to expected clients.
The softwares that are produced by the company are friendly to use. However, the soft wares are readily available to the customers. The products are unique and helpful to the users. However, the best thing about the products is that they are essential in any computer. This makes them a basic need for any computer user. However, they work well with most operating systems. The programs are made in such a way that they contain a lot of security. The company does this through ensuring that the security of their softwares is very high and very hard to be destroyed.
The company targets at meeting the needs of all those computer users in different fields such as schools, hospitals, industries, companies. With the use of the soft wares, all the business enterprises are in a position to easier their workload and reduce costs. However, the company meets the main target of making profit. ...
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