The U.S. Beauty Industry: Brand Report Card

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The U.S. beauty industry is a highly competitive and dynamic industry. Multiple beauty product competitors such as Estee Lauder, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Avon and Clinique produce very similar products in terms of chemical composition, color, benefit and texture.


market. SUCCESSFUL BRAND ATTRIBUTES The first success attribute for attaining brand dominance in the market is relevance, best defined as a blend of brand personality, effective usage of user and product imagery, and the relationship dimensions between consumer and brand (Keller 4). Relevance is the degree to which a product brand remains significant as related to stable or changing consumer lifestyle and attitude characteristics. Criteria for presenting effective relevance include sincerity, commitment, staying focused on current trends in consumer lifestyle, and effective usage imagery. In order to remain relevant, a beauty industry marketer must understand the dimensions of consumer lifestyle in order to create these important perceptions and emotional connections required to gain consumer interest. The VALS 2 model of marketing illustrates three different consumer profiles relevant to the beauty industry. These include those who are principle-oriented, action-oriented and status-oriented (Mishra 1). ...
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