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Assessing the marketplace

Apple Company has an exceptional operational excellence system. The organization develop mechanism that ensure its products are created in consideration of the needs of the client as well as improve the manufacturing effectiveness of the company (Satariano & Burrows, 2014). Apart from production, the organization allows for follow ups on products sold. For instance, consumer are provided with recycling services for already used devise. For this reason, the production process of Apple rhymes with the demands of the consumer, addresses the manufacturing objectives of the organization thus excellence in its operations (Satariano & Burrows, 2014).
In regards to value excellence, McDonalds have ensured the organization retrain its customers. In the organization, value excellence is measured by the extent at which the organization measures the requirements of both the customer and other stakeholders (Mackenzie, 2013). The needs of the clients are retained and stakeholder objectives are attained. This success in value excellence has increased the consumer perception towards the company. In addition, internal values are those of the stakeholders have been retained to ensure the general excellence of the ...
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The organization has an annual customer excellence report aimed at understanding the efforts developed to improve its consumer perception (Siemens Industry, 2014). Through its…
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