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Marketers can also measure the trends of consumers by looking at their VALS types, their VALs type exhibits their consumption patterns. 3. The VALS information can be particularly useful in banks to identify the consumer preferences; Manufactures of automobiles can also use VALS to identify the tastes of their target groups. The information would be also relevant in electricity utility to increase conservation using GeoVALS. 4. Advertising agency can use VALS to communicate more efficiently by using VALS information to streamline channel plans and media placement. Also, they can find alternative venues. Advertising agency, therefore, can communicate better with their customer as the fact that communication. Chapter 5 – Business to Business (B2B) Marketing 1. Staples Business Depot The company has a difference in the way it handles the end users consumers and business customers. The major differences that the end user products are priced and the after sale service offered is free delivery. The descriptions and prices are quoted, they are specific, and the users purchase these products without modifications. The business products on the other hand are not specific and are customer tailored. The business customers give the specification, and later quotations are made. The marketer encourages businesses to call for consultations and negotiations. The business services offered are described to depth, unlike the end user products. The marketer also intends to take more time with the business

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Reflection paper
But the director did not try to inculcate his ideas in the film. William Golding’s novel is helpful for the reader to have a mental image of the island in which the story takes place. One can easily identify that the viewer can make comparison between the film and the novel.
4 pages (1000 words) Research Paper
Reflection 2
The article is positioned as a perfect basis for racial bias discussion. Moreover, with regards to external sources (e.g. per-reviewed journal articles), a personal ideas on racial bias is expressed further on. Reflection paper on Peggy McIntosh “White Privilege and Male Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” Introduction The article by Peggy McIntosh “White Privilege and Male Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” (1988) provides the readers with a fruitful background for further consideration about anti-racial issues in America.
5 pages (1250 words) Research Paper
Reflection Paper
The study of human behavior in itself is very crucial in many aspects of human life for example in the learning process and the characterization and shaping of behavioral features of various personalities (O'Donnell, Reeve, & Smith, 2012). This paper reflects on the major elements in Educational Psychology such as applying the learning strategies, classical conditioning and contiguity, operant conditioning and Bandura’s challenge of traditional behavioral views of learning.
3 pages (750 words) Research Paper
Reflection 5
Having an an uncertain macroeconomic environment will make business to play safe. Almost all businesses will be affected by the crisis because because will not expand their operation for fear that the economy will collapse that in effect will not allow them to recover
2 pages (500 words) Research Paper
Reflection 10
In effect, deducing comparisons from the available options helps a customer determine the airline they prefer according to their financial needs and the urgency of their journey since connecting flights are longer than direct flights. However, the
2 pages (500 words) Research Paper
This paper describes my experience of being a part of this group that worked on this project. During this project, we had four meetings in total. The first meeting happened through a conference call. In the first meeting, one of our group members voluntarily decided
3 pages (750 words) Research Paper
If the samples are not related or independent to each other then the pertinent question is whether the variances of both populations are known. If the population variance is known and the sample size is greater than 30,
1 pages (250 words) Research Paper
Leadership Reflection
Transformational leadership style is the one that describes me accurately because of the identifiable consistency between features
2 pages (500 words) Research Paper
My reflection
This demonstrates the basic needs that operate in early child development to motivate their behavior (Jeffrey 385). The author discusses the need to identify individual disabilities based on their personal
1 pages (250 words) Research Paper
Reflection paper
s, social skills achieved, insight gained, an evaluation of my knowledge level and the effectiveness of the learning strategy used throughout the course. I have had an exciting learning experience throughout the course. The learning environment has been very conducive for
2 pages (500 words) Research Paper
customers since they have specific objective requirements unlike time allocated to the end users. 2. Producer Her Inc Case Study I. Carrying out business to business marketing is not an easy task as many parties are involved including the end users and the decision makers. In the case of the medical organization requiring the software for managing its internal communications the parties to be involved in the purchase or parties that comprise of the buying centre include; employees representatives in different departments, heads of departments and the chief financial officer of the organization. The different parties play a role in the buying process, and employees are the end users thus their needs, specifications and expectations should be include. The company marketer act as influencers as they educate as well as influence the business centre to approve on their software. The head of department help the Chief financial officer who is the buyer to reach into a viable decision. The gatekeepers are the company management. II. The company has an advantage since it has previously dealt with the client and they have earlier won a sale. The company needs to look into users and educate them on advantages of the software they offer to the buyer. The company is also conversant with influential parties and decision makers in the buyer centre; therefore they can target this group which forms the business center. If the company is able to offer a solution that benefits and satisfy this group then they will get a purchase. The marketer is at task to take considerations of all the members of the buying center. The marketer has the obligation to make sure that the software he/she is selling meets the aspect of the buyer business that is in need of the software. The marketer also should guarantee follow up services to monitor the software progress. The


CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING Name of institution Date Chapter 4 – Consumer Behaviour 1. The survey results show that my primary VALS type is Striver, and my secondary VALS type is Achiever. I disagree to some extent as I would classify myself as an achiever as my primary VALS type because I am more of goal oriented rather than motivated by money achievement…
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