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CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING Name of institution Instructor’s name Date Chapter 4 – Consumer Behaviour 1. The survey results show that my primary VALS type is Striver, and my secondary VALS type is Achiever. I disagree to some extent as I would classify myself as an achiever as my primary VALS type because I am more of goal oriented rather than motivated by money achievement.


Marketers can also measure the trends of consumers by looking at their VALS types, their VALs type exhibits their consumption patterns. 3. The VALS information can be particularly useful in banks to identify the consumer preferences; Manufactures of automobiles can also use VALS to identify the tastes of their target groups. The information would be also relevant in electricity utility to increase conservation using GeoVALS. 4. Advertising agency can use VALS to communicate more efficiently by using VALS information to streamline channel plans and media placement. Also, they can find alternative venues. Advertising agency, therefore, can communicate better with their customer as the fact that communication. Chapter 5 – Business to Business (B2B) Marketing 1. Staples Business Depot The company has a difference in the way it handles the end users consumers and business customers. The major differences that the end user products are priced and the after sale service offered is free delivery. The descriptions and prices are quoted, they are specific, and the users purchase these products without modifications. The business products on the other hand are not specific and are customer tailored. The business customers give the specification, and later quotations are made. ...
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