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eHarmony Case Study Name: Institution: Over the past few decades, online dating and social media has grown into a multi-million dollar industry and has become an accepted mainstream of meeting future mates. In essence, social media is speedily changing online dating.


The advent of new technologies has facilitated this change in social media and has made it a common activity. By 2005, the number of subscribers and user of social media and internet personals websites had increased with eHarmony recording over 15 million subscribers. This growth was attributed to a change in online dating perception. Currently, the social media industry has become extremely competitive and lucrative with companies employing different strategies to capture the market and increase customer base. Organizations have realized that apprehending the competitive forces and their fundamental roots discloses the causes of the industry’s present productivity (Porter, 2008). By the time online dating was gaining popularity, there had been few internet personals websites. For this reason, there was less competition in the industry. In the contemporary, competitive business environment, publicity is a significant facet of any organization. This therefore poses a great threat to the existing business as more and more new entries are aiming the market in order to gain a share of the profits. This is therefore threatening the dominance of companies such as eHarmony an aspect that might affect even the overall returns of the company. The marketing strategy in the social media industry determines the profit potentiality of the company. ...
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