plastic surgery growth in teenagers

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Over the past few years, statistics have shown that there has been an increase in the number of teenagers opting to go for cosmetic surgery. The most popular of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures among teenagers include laser hair removal and chemical peels, which have grown in popularity especially over the last two years.


Moreover, cosmetic surgery has become so popular among teenagers that their parents are now bestowing them to their children as gifts for their birthdays or even graduations. Many surgeons state that they are seeing more teenagers than ever coming to their practices for the various cosmetic surgery procedures available to them. Despite the fact that many parents and their teenage children have been advised against turning to major surgical procedures as a fix for the teenagers’ self-confidence, the number of teenagers who have undergone these procedures has continued to rise. For example, the number of teenage girls under the age of 18 years who undergo breast augmentation procedures has nearly tripled from one year to the next (Austin, 2000). Teenagers undergoing cosmetic surgery have become a common phenomenon and it is no longer a procedure reserved for the rich as it has previously been. In the initial stages before a surgeon can put a teenage patient in the cosmetic surgery procedure, he must assess whether this patient is suited for the procedure, otherwise, the entire procedure would be unethical because the surgeon will only be interested in the patient’s money and not their well-being. ...
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