Research Paper sample - Examine an organization/company that product,program,or sevice that innovated from a global perspective .

Examine an organization/company that product,program,or sevice that innovated from a global perspective . Research Paper example
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Examine an Organization/Company That Product, Program or Service That Innovated From a Global Perspective Introduction The factors of increased globalization and the rising competitiveness in the financial market are motivating the organizations to adopt effective marketing initiatives in order to compete in the financial market with the rivals…


Furthermore, the paper also aims to discuss the promotional mix and pricing structures of the organization i.e. of Apple for optimal exposure of their various products and services (McGraw Hill, 2010). Importance of Aligning Marketing Initiatives to the Organization's Mission and Vision The importance of aligning marketing initiatives to any organizations’ mission and vision statement leads towards sustainability of an organization. This is because both mission and vision statements of a corporation represent the organizational goals, performances and operations. In general, another importance of aligning marketing initiatives is that it supports the organization to compete with its competitors and helps to identify the future trends of business market (McGraw Hill, 2010). With regard to the aspect of aligning marketing initiatives to any organizations’ mission and vision statement, it has been viewed that Apple adopts significant marketing initiatives or strategies in order to remain competitive in this contemporary financial market. ...
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