A critical response to the Marketing Myopia

A critical response to the Marketing Myopia  Assignment example
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“The Marketing Myopia”, is a release article that has influenced the manner in which business was being undertaken in the 20th century.The article focuses on business strategies that can help an organization grow and sustain growth and profitability.


Additionally, the article presents marketing strategies that can help business management overcome competition and other external forces, which threaten a business. Therefore, this discussion seeks to critically analyze the strengths and weakness of this article, with a focus to understanding the plausibility of the ideas it present. The strength of this article is identifiable in addressing the causative factors for business success or failure. The article clarifies on the misconception held by many people that external forces are the major causes of a business failure. However, according to the article, the reason behind the success or failure of any business is not due to environmental factors such as market saturation, threatened growth or competition. The success or failure of any business or organization is solely determined by the management (Levitt, 2004). The reason the failure of any business has to be attributed to the management because; when the business of an industry declines, it is not because the industry was not best suited to serve the people. The industry declines because the management is not able to protect its business from their competitors, who eventually take their customers away from them (Levitt, 2004). If the management can apply strategies for protecting their customer base, their business in any industry will continue thriving. ...
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