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TCL should adopt a flexible pricing so as to ensure that the company is able to adopt a customer based pricing strategy that can respond customer needs. TCL should also own its services as opposed to outsourcing so as to enable the company address specific customer needs. …

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The report is structured to include three main parts namely the marketing mix, relationship with variables and business networks, and the structure of the sales force. The three parts of the report form the basis of the success of the business during the current economic downturn. The recommendations presented in this report are based on the analysis of the current situation facing the company and are also effective in making sure that the business will manage to create a competitive advantage in the market. 2.0 Marketing Mix According to marketing principles regarding the marketing mix of a given business, there are a number of conditions that ensure the success of the business in its marketing functions (Kalish, Vijay & Eitan, 2005, p. 176). The marketing principles require that a business should at least address the following four conditions: i. The business should have the right product that has the right features such as appearance and functioning. ii. The available products should be sold at the right prices to customers so as to maximize on attracting large numbers of customers that will record huge profits. The product should be sold in the right place and at the right time so as to improve the efficiency of business operations.The business should design and implement the most suitable promotion in marketing the product so that customers will have to be aware about the existence of the product in the market.
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