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HarperCollins publisher’s international marketing strategy Name Institution Date Marketing strategy review blog 1: first thoughts HarperCollins publishers is an internationally know publishing company of English language books aimed at educating as well as informing readers.


Personal research on the development milestones of HarperCollins publishers revealed that the company is an auxiliary of News Corporation. The company has experienced different acquisitions and mergers with the latest acquisition of Thomas Nelson, a Christian book publisher in 2011 (Mu?Hlbacher, Dahringer & Leihs, 2006, p. 67). The company publishes a wide range of imprints that are either new or from earlier independent publishing companies. The most recent influential marketing strategy is the web approach whereby book sales and reach is achieved through the online market (Blythe & Zimmerman, 2005 p. 43). This strategy is advantageous whereby the consumers could access selected extracts from a book before purchasing. On the other hand, the downfall of the same is as a result of concern from other publishers who believe that the availability of books online could be exploited through file sharing. HarperCollins publishers have managed to maintain their competitive advantage by developing imprints that are unique from other publishing companies such as MacMillan and Random house. ...
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