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Essay example - Analysing Companies: Business Models, Narrative and Numbers about a pharmaceutical company

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Analysing Companies: Business Models, Narrative and Numbers about a pharmaceutical company Essay example
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Analyzing Companies: Business Models, Narrative and Numbers about a Pharmaceutical Company Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Business Model Concepts 3 3. Business Model Analysis of Pfizer 4 3.1Current Business Model Analysis of Pfizer 5 3.2Pfizer Financials 7 3.3 Sustainability of the Business Model 8 3.4 Intellectual Property Right Disputes 9 4…

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While studying the business model, prominent issues like intellectual property right disputes and financial data of Pfizer would also be taken into account so that every dimension of the business model can be presented. Before presenting the business model, the theoretical concepts of business model is explained, so that the readers have an idea regarding the strategies that are incorporated to develop an effective and sustainable business model. The sustainability of Pfizer’s business model would be analysed and a global comparison would be drawn to conclude the study. 2. Business Model Concepts Business models are the foundations on which an organization is created, its values, mission, vision and objectives are set. The process by which these business models are developed is called business strategy. With new strategic frameworks coming up, the business models of organizations have evolved too. In the early 20th century the concept of developing business model for companies were seen. In 1950s, McDonalds, the restaurant and Toyota introduced their business models. Similarly Wal-Mart introduced the business model of hypermarkets in 1960s (Bozheva, 2005). The actual motive behind integrating a business model is to generate revenue and earn high profits from the business operations. ...
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