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Name Professor Course Date Report On Advertising and Marketing of Audi It is indisputable that methods of advertising and marketing for various companies and products are rapidly changing with the increase in globalization. The growth in technology that has seen great innovation and advancement in the methods of production has eventually escalated the level of competition in the global market…


Currently, Audi is an international car model known to develop classic and luxury cars. Existence of cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW that also depict similar status as Audi has proved serious and challenging business environment for Audi. For many years, certain section of the market has tended to consume particular products by looking at the country of production. There are just particular countries that customers believe produces genuine and high quality products. Germany the original home country of Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and BMW has been among countries trusted to manufacture quality and high standard cars. This belief ensured Germany a special niche in the market as producers of classic and high quality cars. Most of cars from Germany have had a very wide market due to this perception. Despite the stiff competition faced from among car brands of Germany and world in general, Audi has managed to secure and even expand its international image and market altogether. This depicts that Audi is doing something unique different from its competitors like Mercedes Benz and BMW, which boast of big names in the car market. ...
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