Consumer behavior apply to e-dating

Consumer behavior apply to e-dating Essay example
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Consume behavior and E-dating By [Name of Student] Business [Name of University] [Date] Introduction Consumer behaviour is a widely used term in the business world. It refers to the study of individuals, groups and organizations in relation to the procedures used to secure, select, and marshal of products, services, ideas that are aimed at satisfying the needs of the clients (Radcliff, 2007).


The study will take an investigative approach, which involves the use of conceptual models aimed at boiling down to the aptitude to endow with appropriate matches through successful business to customer services enhanced by the internet and based on the sound customer relations administration practices. The models used in this survey include the Nicosia model, the HowarthSheth Model, and Bettman processing model, which facilitate privacy and secure oriented environment for customers. It is imperative to note that the whole study of consumer behaviour blends diverse opinions and views from sociology, social science and anthropology, psychology and economics (Rosenthal & Knighton, 2002). On the other hand, consumer behaviour can be defined as the process or study aimed at understanding diverse decision-making procedures embraced by buyers at dissimilar situations. Similarly, the buyer’s individual features are included in the consumer study (Conti, 2009). Such characteristics include demographics and other variables correlated to the behavioural variables aimed at determining what the consumer wants. ...
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