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NASCAR Marketing Stategies

The company uses news report advertising genre. The news networks report the race results of the NASCAR race events. The newspaper, radio, television, and internet genre report NASCAR race schedules, results, and other pertinent NASCAR topics. Further, NASCAR embarked on a very aggressive marketing plan. The company’s holding of regular car racing events precipitated to a growing racing fan database. The company’s aggressive marketing plan included the setting up of its online marketing website, The current and future customers can open the company’s website to get additional information about future race schedules. The current and future customers can also view the company’s websites to get updates of car racing entries, car racing results, and car racing promotional products. The company’s racing events has created a mindset among its current and future customers that watching a car race is like visiting an unforgettable celebrity night out. After seven continuous researches on car racing, NASCAR unfolded it architecture race car of the future. The new NASCAR car model promotes higher racing speeds. The new NASCAR car model allows more advanced car racing safety procedures (Solomon, 2008). By setting up its won online website, the company advertises its NASCAR racing events to current and future customers around the world. ...
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NASCAR Marketing Strategies Subject: Professor: December 1, 2012 Marketing increases product and service demand. The research delves on NASCAR’s advertising types. The research delves on the phenomenon of advertising one’s products on the side of a NASCAR race car unit…
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