Services and Relationship Marketing

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Service Marketing (Name) (Institution) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Origin of Service Marketing 4 Concept Relationship Marketing 4 Elements of Relationship Marketing 6 Relationship Marketing Approaches used in Services Marketing 7 Benefits of Relationship Approaches 9 Conclusion 9 Bibliography: 11 Introduction Service marketing is a sub field in marketing that entails the sales of fast moving consumer goods and services marketing.


In essence, services are the economic activities that are given out by one party to another (Bateson 2011). Also services are more widely denoted as economic facilitators that create added value and provide benefits of consumers, customers or organizations. Never the less, there has been a continuous debate on the difference between services for goods. Classical economists argue that goods are value objects, which rights of ownership could be well-known and or exchanged. Services are within and around people while the people are the consumers to the services. The expansion of services economy has broadly being recognized and has increasingly contributed towards the development of economy in various regions all over the world (Buttle 1996). It has continually accounted for most of the new employment opportunities in developed countries. Needless to mention, that the dominance of services sectors are not restricted to highly developed nations with services in companies such as tourism industries contributing profoundly to the economy of developing countries (Boone and Kurtz 2010) According to Baron et al 2010, various definitions and scopes on the concept service have been used by several people and entities all over the world. ...
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