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­­Individual Written Assignment Author’s name Institution Contents Introduction Section 1 1. Introduction of TESCO 2. History of TESCO loyalty card Section 2 1. How a loyalty card works 2. Problems faced by the launch of loyalty cards Section 3 1. Strategic Marketing Response Conclusion Reference list Introduction This case report provides an insight about the TESCO loyalty card venture of TESCO that started in 1993…

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These loyalty cards provided with the consumers with an opportunity to share their personal data with the company and at the same time enjoy financial benefits against the points they earned by shopping at TESCO. However, this sharing of information is being seen as a nuisance by the customers nowadays. This, along with the lack of enough funding is leading to major loss of revenue for the company. For this matter, there need to be strategic interventions as far as the future of TESCO loyalty cards is concerned. Section 1 Introduction of TESCO: TESCO is a Britain based multinational merchandise retailer which cover a wide berth on the product spectrum, ranging from groceries to general merchandise. It was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 with an aim to do business on a small scale (Clark 2008). However soon the business spread and is now established in over 14 countries. The word TESCO takes its origin from an incident in 1924 when Mr. Cohen bought a shipment of tea from T.E. Stockwell, thus combining their initials to formulate a brand name Tes-Co (Clark 2008). With headquarters based in Chestnut, United Kingdom, TESCO has outlets and stores spread over a wide area on the globe. ...
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