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Drug use has been increasing with each day passing by among young children in each town and city across America.


Merits of Integrated Marketing Communications Integrated marketing communications is adopted by organizations to accomplish the objective of maintaining and creating communication throughout its organizational members as well as its customers. The associated benefits of employing this approach include speedy movement towards outcomes, internal clarity on metrics and objectives to acquire them, clarity of the function and role of each channel and implementation of diverse media for increasing the opportunity to reach targeted audience. The implementation of IMC in fighting the wars against drugs would have brought much more fruitful results then the implementation of mass media advertising as advertising may be an effective medium of persuasion but are limited to one aspect of the goal while IMC deals with multiple approaches to address the issue. The role of advertising Industry Around two decades, the problem of drug use has been tackled by the Partnership for Drug Free America using advertising campaigns. Moreover it has been supported by the U.S. government directing the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to carry on a national media drive for the intention of preventing and reducing drug abuse amongst young adults and children of America. However it has been seen to be controversial as its supporters suggest the campaign has been beneficial in curbing the issue while the critics propose the opposite opinion. Moreover, the ONDCP and PDFA have also been in difference over the form of advertising that should be employed to discourage use of drug or in the implementation of any other form of integrated marketing approach.
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