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International Business Abstract The report includes a brief overview about an advertising agency named Scholz & Friends of Germany. It intends to provide the company, Scholz & Friends an understanding regarding the most appropriate form of market entry in the Chinese market.


Apart from this, on the basis of the analysis, with varied tools, certain recommendations are also provided to the management of the organisation. It is essential in order to enhance the productivity and the prosperity of Scholz & Friends. Moreover, it would also enhance the brand association and distinctiveness among other evident players in the market. Table of Contents 1 Abstract 2 3 Introduction 4 Analysis 5 Overview of Scholz & Friends 5 Analysis of China Market 6 Market Overview 6 Trend Analysis 7 PESTLE Analysis 7 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 10 SWOT Analysis of China Market 12 Recommendation 14 Conclusion 14 References 15 Bibliography 19 Appendices 20 Introduction The rapid pace of globalisation and industrialisation enhanced global affiliation among various intercontinental regions resulting in reduction of trade barriers leading to upgradation of international business. Moreover, globalisation also enhanced the economic growth of the varied developed and developing countries along with improvement in business activities due to free trade opportunities (Wang, n.d.). International business is referred to industrial or mercantile dealings that take place among two or more areas, countries or nations beyond political periphery. ...
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