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Company analysis of the Qatari Ezdan real estate company - Research Paper Example


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Company analysis of the Qatari Ezdan real estate company

The company has been able to increase the profits from QAR 121million in 2010 to QAR345 million in 2011. This shows that the company is increasing its market size as well as growing its asset book. The average growth in the last five years is 24% which is the highest compared to other players in the industry. The first time it paid out its dividends was in 2011 with a rate of 0.2 being a higher dividend payout ratio of 153.58. The market price variance per share was small in 2011 with 30.8 being the highest and 21.3 as the lowest. Industry Analysis Compared to other competing or complementary firms/companies in the same industry, Ezdan real Estate Company performs well with greater market capitalization as shown in the table below. The daily price variation was zero. Table 1: Highly performing Ezdan real Estate Company in the Industry (, 2012) Company Last Price (Local Currencies) Price Change (%) 1 Day Market Cap (US$ Mil) Ezdan Real Estate Co. - ERES 18.30 0.00 13,324 Emaar Properties Co. - EMAAR 3.71 1.64 6,151 Jabal Omar Development Co. - JABALOMAR 18.95 0.00 4,708 Barwa Real Estate Co. - BRES 27.55 0.00 2,943 Al Mabanee Co. - MABANEE 1,200.00 0.00 2,710 Dar Alarkan Real Estate Development Co. - DARALARKAN 8.35 0.60 2,419 Company Analysis Ezdan real Estate Company has a market capitalization of estimated US$13,324 million and 2.6 million outstanding shares according to (2012e). Moreover, the current P/E ratio is 1.27 depicting excellent performance in which

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case the share fetch favorable prices for shareholder dividends. The tables 2 and 3 give a range of variables that point to present performance of Ezdan real Estate Company. The cost of production is low, meaning that the direct indirect costs are lower owing to low taxation. It raises operating activities level of cash flows. Table 22: Ezdan real Estate Company Analysis Table 1 (, 2012) As of 31/12/2011 YTY Change (%) 5- Year Growth (%) Revenues (QAR) 377,048 24.47 0.81 Net Profit (QAR) 345,433 184.72 -33.66 Current Assets (QAR) 1,532,679 75.35 129.22 Current Liabilities (QAR) 1,202,927 -26.78 90.57 Total Assets (QAR) 32,886,905 3.02 48.09 Owners Equity (QAR) 27,739,644 1.23 43.44 Cash Flow From Operating Activities (QAR) 422,822 44.63 0.0 Table 3: Ezdan real Estate Company Analysis Table 2 (, 2012f) 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 Current Ratio 1.27 0.53 0.39 3.98 0.86 Quick Ratio 1.05 0.43 0.24 3.34 0.56 Liquid Assets/Total Assets (%) 3.71 2.12 0.4 2.38 0.65 Equity/Assets (%) 84.35 85.84 90.77 93.73 98.81 Leverage (%) 18.56 16.5 10.17 6.69 1.2 Gross Profit Margin (%) 132.61 98.27 84.5 87.56 88.53 Net Profit Margin (%) 91.62 40.05 1,792.98 349.99 234.56 Return On Assets (%) 1.05 0.38 28.89 19.61 10.81 Financial Ratios The financial ratios employed in Ezdan real Estate Company analysis comprise liquidity (current ratio-1.27), Leverage ratio (18.56%), and profitability ratio (equity to assets, 84.35%). The formulas of every ratio applied in this analysis are similar as those used in the Barwa Company. Tables 2 and 3 give an outline of the financial ratios applied in working out the analysis. In addition, Table 3 gives current financial ratios of the company with regard real estate industry performance. The financial ratios of the company are compared in a stretch of five years. Table 3: Financial Ratios of Ezdan real Est


Company Analysis Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Ezdan real Estate Company Macroeconomic Analysis Ezdan Real Estate Company takes immense credit and market advantage through favorable macroeconomic parameters. Ezdan Company has immense presence in Qatar, thus benefiting the infrastructural industry in many positive aspects…
Author : osbornecormier
Company analysis of the Qatari Ezdan real estate company essay example
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