Advertising campaign of an existing product/service on your choice

Advertising campaign of an existing product/service on your choice Essay example
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Cath Kidston is a UK based fashion brand which caters to the niche female market.The brand carries fashion accessories,bags,home improvement and fabric.The brand is known for distinctive floral designs which give out a fresh image of the brand


The brand itself is worth approximately ?75 million and has grown enormously over the past decade. With its unique designs and a diverse product range, Cath Kidston became successful and grew to its present state through internal and organic growth (Kidston, 1999). 2. Hong Kong Hong Kong, being the 9th largest economy in the world, offers a great opportunity for business (Hong Kong Trade Development Council, 2011). By far, it can be termed as the most laissez faire economy in the world where the government does not restrict foreign property ownership. There are no restrictions on capital movement, resource mobility and it is also free from any sort of intervention from the Central government. Besides that, Hong Kong itself attracts businesses by giving them tax incentives, freedom of trade currency and most importantly, freedom to invest in any venture which the business decides. This leaves a good opportunity for Cath Kidston to enter the market and operate smoothly. Most businesses face barriers of entry in foreign markets in the form of quotas, embargoes, regulations etc. Hong Kong on the other hand, is very welcoming for businesses. It is just the matter of investment and market potential which will be a major concern for the business. As far as the demographics are concerned, Hong Kong has a population of about 7 million out of which, approximately 75% of the population belongs to the age group 15 – 65 years. ...
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