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Maximising Sales and Client Base of Contemporary Art Gallery

Maximizing sales and client base of Contemporary Art Gallery
The paper presents a deep business activity analysis of a Contemporary Art Gallery and future forecasting on the basis of PESTEL analysis and Seven Ps of marketing. It also describes a substantial and suitable mission statement and has also assigned the immediate tasks to be done to improve the business situation.
The initial business plan is made on the basis of ‘The Pyramid of Goals’ presented in ‘The Business Plan Workbook’. Within the next 3 years, the aim of the plan is to achieve a significant position in the world of Art as well as in the artists’ lives. Over the next year, the sales and client base is expected to be increased by 15% which would enable the company to achieve the future goals as well.
The company has a strong belief in values and therefore the employees would be given a 10% gain sharing on the basis of their performance in the next year. Apart from this, the company is aimed at acquiring 20% return on its applied capital assets in the next 15 months.
The plan emphasizes that extending the business operations while considering different external and internal environmental aspects will facilitate the company to maximize its sales and increase the client base. The initial business plan clarifies the aims and objectives of the company and also encourages the employees by assigning them certain goals for a specified time period. Motivated employees play a vital role in increasing the overall productivity. ...
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The paper provides a deep analysis concerning sales and client base increase for the Contemporary Art Gallery on the basis of PESTEL analysis and Seven Ps of marketing. The essay has built up a substantial and suitable strategy and has assigned the immediate tasks to be done by the company…
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