Marketing is more of an art than a science

Marketing is more of an art than a science Essay example
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Marketing practitioners and the research community have conflicting views of marketing, with some believing successful marketing requires an empirical approach in order to quantify strategic business direction. Others tend to believe that it is the intangibles related to human behavioural.


Peter and Olson (1983) actually state that empirical analysts in marketing are deluded, negating the necessity for subjective inference to understand consumer attitudes and market-perceived belief in product or service quality. How, however, can this be justified? Consumers often maintain egotistical relationships with a brand, that is, until the consumer has found a psychologically-based connection to a brand. When brand attachments occur, consumers are more willing to discard egocentric brand relationships and develop supporting brand connections that fuel positive word-of-mouth advertising (Muniz and O’Guinn 2001; Aron, Aron and Smollan 1992). These relationships are founded on psychographic brand positioning that takes into consideration attitude, lifestyle and psycho-social characteristics of consumers. Unpredictable and non-universal human behavioural components conflict the relevancy of using scientific approaches and, instead, marketers transcend the tangibles of product and service by utilising integrated communications that involve language emphasising sophistication, sincerity, excitement, and competence. According to Aaker (1996) the aforementioned communications conceptions are necessary to create positive psychological attachments to a brand. Science simply cannot effectively represent the complexity of human attitude that is highly relevant to whether brand loyalty is achieved. ...
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