Managing Strategic Marketing

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This paper describes how PROTON, a car Malaysian car manufacturing company, can improve its marketing mix to evaluate the success of the marketing plan. The paper compares the marketing mix used by PROTON and its top competitor in order to find the areas in which PROTON needs to improve its marketing mix. Based on the comparison, some key improvements are suggested to the company to make it compete effectively with its top competitor. 1. Introduction Before going into the details of the marketing mix, let us get to know what a marketing plan actually is in order to get a better understanding of marketing mix. A marketing plan is a well-designed strategy to advertising a product or to create awareness of a company’s products and services among the customers. A properly designed marketing plan not only includes defining marketing goals and objectives of a company but also includes the strategies and tactics to achieve the marketing goals. Implementing an effective marketing plan and taking steps to monitor the performance of the plan are very important for any manufacturing company. Marketing mix is one of the main tools used by the managers of a company to monitor and control the working of the marketing plan. Marketing mix is one of the core components of a marketing plan. ...
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