Louis Vuitton/Ritz Carlton/Amazon Case Study

Louis Vuitton/Ritz Carlton/Amazon Case Study Assignment example
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Louis Vuitton Case Study 1. How does an exclusive brand such as LV grow and stay fresh while retaining its cachet? Branding for Louis Vuitton is one of the major strategic marketing strategies they used to attract high-end customers. Since Louis Vuitton brand is known to be the world’s legendary luxury brand in terms of fashion, their strategy to stay fresh, at the same time, retain its cachet is very essential to the company itself.


As what the statement goes: A logo has the same value as the brand it represents (“Louis Vuitton|Truth,” 2010, para. 6). The value of the logo when it comes to branding should be partnered with creativity and innovation. Hence, it may be a challenge to stay fresh in the luxurious fashion industry for Louis Vuitton, the company never failed to promote its brand by giving the best quality product they can offer to the customers. Louis Vuitton has always been a cash-stuffed suitcase that never loses its cachet by creating the best flawless products using the best leather (“LVMH: The Empire of Desire,” 2012, para.14). Further, it markets them gently but with dexterity. Though Louis Vuitton brand shows fear of the customers changing preference, the firm shows maturity in handling it by launching Louis Vuitton’s own scent (“LVMH: The Empire of Desire,” 2012, para. 14). Spreading the brand to different industries like soft luxury which includes leather and accessories, hard luxury which includes watches and jewelry, and even champagne, as well as cognac can make the brand remain fresh and continue growing to different markets at the same time remain its cachet. 2. ...
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