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Tesco - Warren Buffet - Lab Report Example

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High school
Lab Report
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Tesco - Warren Buffet 1.0 Introduction The report aims to talks about entrepreneurship and the skills associated with it. The report is based on Tesco and the man behind Tesco success, Warren Buffet. The overall purpose of the report is to analysis the key skills of entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet which has helped them to become great entrepreneurs…

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Tesco - Warren Buffet

In an organization the culture plays a vital role and henceforth the report also aims to discuss about the organizational culture that exists in Tesco. Tesco is known for its variety of culture that it holds with it and is one of the best examples to talk about when it comes to organizational culture. Along with organizational culture the report talk about motivation and the types of motivational theory that is adopted by organization to motivate its employees. Motivation is high crucial and Tesco has been a leader in doing that. It motivates its employees to a very high extend which helps it to retain the employees for a long period of time. 1.0 Findings 2.1 Entrepreneur and Skills The term entrepreneur is derived from French word, “entreprendre” which means “to undertake.” The entrepreneur is one who undertakes to manage, organize as well as assume the risk of the business. In recent past the entrepreneurs have been doing more than the above mentioned task and hence the need to broaden the definition. In today’s world, the entrepreneur is an innovator, developer who seems to recognize and seize the opportunities and convert into workable or marketable ideas. ...
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