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Mobile Business Technologies The information superhighway is proceeding in the midst of the evolution of technology and internet. The mobile phone devices are gaining popularity due to the rapid advancement of technology, which allows the users to conveniently access the various types of information available on the internet via the wireless networks used in the mobile phone devices (Unhelkar, 2006).


iOS has made the touch screen so easy to use because of its Multi-Touch interface. Anything whatever the user does is in an easy, spontaneous and fun way (Apple Inc., 2013). Android is an operating system designed for mobile phones and is developed on the modified version of Linux (Lee, 2012). Google android for last three years has moved from open source solution to the mobile operating system that dominates among all mobile handsets (Jackson, 2012). Research in Motion provides ‘BlachBerry App World’ to the marketplace particularly devoted to the BlackBerry users (Kowalski, 2010). BlackBerry apps have been listed among 1000 best apps developed for mobile phone users (Sandler, 2010). The study highlights on the benefit that a company is enjoying by developing an application for the devices that runs via iOS, Android or BlackBerry apps. The study also focuses on the various aspects of product, reviews the features and throws a light on the cost component. In recent times there has been a dominating trend in all industries among their core products that has compelled the firm’s to move towards other services (Sundin et al., 2006; Vandermerwe and Rada, 1988). ...
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