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Business plan for a restaurant Essay example
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The restaurant business is quite a competitive and challenging industry. It is an industry that demands careful planning before embarking on setting up the business. Restaurants thrive on demand from customers.


Its location on the first floor of the station also ensures that it is easily visible and accessible to potential customers
The business other strength will lie in its pricing. The restaurant plans on offering prices for its services that are slightly lower to its competitors present at the station (Patti 2004, p.44).
The other strength lies in the fact that the restaurant shall focus on Italian cuisine. This cuisine is popular and caters for a variety of meals that will attract a wide customer base.
Since the establishment will get located at the first floor, there is a slight chance that customers might shun it. Some customers want a quiet place to have their meals and this cannot be promised at the first floor where the movement is relatively high to the second floor.
The business opportunity lies on the completion of the construction of the retail balcony at the Waterloo station. This makes the restaurant among the first establishments to grasp the retail spaces offered.
The other opportunity lies in the restaurant’s menu. The restaurant’s plans on offering diabetic, vegan, and low fat diets makes it standout with the few restaurants offering such services at the station
The restaurant faces stiff competition from older restaurant establishments at the station. Some establishments have already developed a devoted customer base, and it will be difficult to lure such customers away ...
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