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Name Course Name of Tutor Date of Submission Fund Managers Various companies in united stated offer registered fund services, at the year 2011 among fund complex 75 % were independent fund advisers where these firms managed over 60% of investment company assets while the rest was being managed by non US fund managers, bank thrift ,insurance companies and brokerage firm among others (Ernst &Young) Number of Fund Managers in Us There has been decline in number of investment companies, primarily those offering fund management services, (McKinsey & company,).


With unit investment trust which are registered companies that posses both characteristics of mutual funds and closed-end funds, their presence is attributed to low number of investment companies below year 2000 level despite net increase since in 2005. The number of new UITs has increased by 2011 by opening 51 new trusts, while closed end fund sponsors had increased with 10 by 2011 since year2005 (Investment Company institute, p, 17). ETFs which are regarded as hybrid of other investment companies (Dow Jones& company) have continued to increase with significant speed where 216 new fund have been opened, on net, by 2011 there were 1,166 ETFs which is 15 times that existed at year 2000 ( Investment Company institute,p.19). ...
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