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Name: Subject: Marketing, Case Study    Topic:  Case Study 2 Date: -Describe basic consumer motivations and what initiates human behavior.  Motivation is an internal drive which encourages a person to act in a certain way. This encouragement to act is directed towards a particular goal.


If the internal drive forces a customer towards the product then it is positive motivation but if it drives a customer away from a product then it is negative motivation. These positive and negative drives are what initiates and directs consumer behavior. Basic consumer motivation can either be rational or motivational. Rational consumption is when a consumer`s behavior is based upon an objective criteria for example price or the size and weight of the product being purchased. Emotional motivation, however, is when a customer purchases a product based on subjective criteria or personal likes and dislikes for example, status, fear etc. All the needs and wants of customers are either in born or are acquired through the behavior of other consumers. Human behavior is initiated through personal needs, wants and goals which are to be fulfilled. These characteristics are dependent upon the personal preferences and experiences of the consumers. There are two kinds of goals: generic or product specific goals. Generic goals are those which state the general needs and wants of consumers for example, the need to buy car. On the other hand, product specific goals are those which state the specific needs and wants of people for example, the kind and the model of the car the consumer wants to buy. ...
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