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The Mind of the Customer Name Institution The Mind of the Customer Decision-making among consumers is the fundamental determinant of the level of success in a marketer’s career. In effect, it is important for marketers to understand the inherent factors that help consumers make decisions on different products based on various aspects.


Nonetheless, it is important to pose the question whether marketers understand these factors that contribute to the decision-making process of a consumer. On the other hand, while marketers might understand these important factors that influence consumers’ decisions, do they use these factors to determine the approaches that they will use in order to market their products effectively? Based on the foregoing, this essay elucidates on the factors that determine consumers’ decision-making and the approaches that marketers should use in order to achieve their marketing goals. Making decisions about various aspects of life involves conceptualizing through carrying out an analysis and making a selection, which is a choice based on a decision. In this case, this is mainly a mental process, which is indicative of the psychological factors that influence the decision-making process in individuals; the same case applies to consumers. Gerber and Bothma (2008) identified psychological factors as “the ways in which human thinking and experience influence buying decisions” among consumers (p. 18). Importantly, these factors include the motivation of a consumer to buy a product. In addition, other psychological factors include the consumers’ perceptions, knowledge, and attitude towards a product. ...
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