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Forest Timbers Name: Institution: Date of submission: Introduction Forest Timbers is a timber merchants, importers and machinists company that operate from Hereford in United Kingdom. The company specializes in the soft and hardwood from North America, Europe and Asia.


The economic down turn had a negative impact on the consumer expenditure and the resultant manufacturers selling prices. The consumer confidence and house building decreased tremendously. The kitchen furniture market reduced rapidly because of house moving. The market value also declined costing the industry more than 250 million pounds. This marketing essay seeks to discuss PEST analysis, target segments and value chain in the industry. PEST analysis PEST analysis is a crucial tool when it comes to marketing process of any organization. It involved identifying economic, technical, political and social influences on the organizational entities. The external factors include uncertainties and risks. Political factors The political or legal set up of the United Kingdom furnisher industry has an immense influence in the mode of regulation that affects the industry. The legislations that are sponsored by the government have the potential to affect the spending power of the consumers. The fiscal policies in the United Kingdom during the recession had a profound effect on the consumer choices in the furniture market (Bruhn & Georgi 2006). The political environment is composed of pressure groups, laws and state agencies that influence the furniture market. The political developments in the United Kingdom have affected all the stakeholders in the furniture industry. ...
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