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Introduction to Marketing – Organic Cornish Heaven Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Overview of the current marketing mix and its importance to the organisation 3 3. Identification and definition of current customers 7 4. Identification of the organization’s current problems and strengths 7 5.


Current paper focuses on the potential value of a specific framework of marketing, the marketing mix, to help a business operating in the British organic food industry, the Sea View Farm, to improve its performance. The fact that the business owners do not have experience on marketing practices should be taken into consideration when deciding on the marketing strategies that the firm would implement for securing its market position and for setting the basis for growth in the future. It seems that marketing could help the business to increase its performance but only under the terms that all the phases of the relevant plan will be closely monitored. The cooperation with a professional of the marketing industry would increase the chances for the success of the above initiative. 2. Overview of the current marketing mix and its importance to the organisation. In its most common form, the marketing mix includes four elements, also known as ‘four Ps’: product, place, price and promotion. These elements need to be reviewed and evaluated in order to decide on the marketing strategies that would be most appropriate for covering each organization’s needs. Relevant literature should be primarily reviewed. Marketing mix is a framework that has been established for covering specific marketing needs. ...
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