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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Marketing: Zara UK Executive Summary The marketing case of Zara is very essential because it reflects on the essential components of marketing that has enabled the business viability. The pattern observed in the market environment of the business defines its success.


Balancing marketing mix enables the business to deliver its product in the right location within the stipulated time. Firms that demonstrate great consumer satisfaction are able to hold on large market shares because they respond effectively to consumer trends. Introduction Sustainability of an organisation depends on economic viability of the business in relation to customer’s behaviour. Business enterprises that post successful results in the market are able to convince consumers to buy their products as well as reciprocating consumer’s behaviour by providing products, which will satisfy consumer demands. Zara is an apparel company with outlets in famous cities of the world. The organisation traces its root in Spain; however, it has branches in major cities of the world. The concept that this paper intend to discuss is marketing of the company product. Marketing is a crucial element for the business because it dictates the viability of the sustainability of the business. The report will explore various marketing aspects such as customer, market environment, and marketing mix in relation to the strategy of the business. Investigation of the above aspects will enable the report to make recommendation as well as developing future strategies of increasing the performance of the business. ...
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